About Basia

These days I am living my creative dream, however it took a while to get here.

My teachers and mentors

Without them, I would not have had the courage to be where I am today – painting every possible moment.

My Studio

My studio is where I spend my time painting and teaching art.

My Creative Space

This is where I spend every spare moment painting.


I teach because I love instilling a passion for creativity in my students.


I am teaching at Paint Your Heart and Soul, 2017
Click here for more information about Around the World Through Art E-Course

I’m very excited to be a part of Around The World Through Art 2018, hosted by our fellow artist Olga Furman

I am delighted to be guest artist as part of a collaboration of 14 professional international artists, all sharing their unique process of creating culturally diverse artworks. Each us is offering different styles and techniques, from portraiture to visual narrative story telling art. So join us for a one of a kind creative adventure – creating art, inspired by different countries and traditions without leaving the comfort of your studio/creative space.

I am inviting you to join me and 13 other international artists in the Around The World Through Art course

For more information about the Around The World Through Art course

Through this course, I am inviting you to “visit” Poland with me. I am second generation Polish. I speak the language and have visited Poland several times. I will be teaching two styles of art, using painterly narrative in response to my Polish cultural roots.

My first lesson Wildflowers from Poland is a bouquet of Polish wild flowers set in a rustic container. I will teach design, an interesting background technique and a terracotta vase. You will also learn specific techniques for each flower.

For my second lesson I designed a very special naïve style icon of Our Lady who is cherished in Poland, especially in the villages. You will be able to personalize her, with your decorations and motifs.

To find out about the other artists are, and which countries you will be ‘visiting’ with them and what kind of art you will be creating [Click Here] 

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