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“I simply turn up and paint”.

There was a very long period of time when I waited for intuition, for that creative spark enabling me to paint beautiful pictures. However, one day I realized that if I was to wait for that intuitive spark to happen, I would still be waiting today. Instead I treat my art practice in a very disciplined way. I arrive at the studio and start working, without any agenda, without any knowledge of the outcome, totally absorbed in the sublime delight in creating.

“I teach because without support and encouragement from teachers, family and artist friends I would not be painting today. I love instilling a passion for creativity in my students.”

Art Classes

E-CourseAround the World Through Art
Excited to be a part of ‘Around the World Through Art’, hosted by artist Olga Furman. A collaboration of 18 artists sharing their unique process of creating beautiful art. Click photo to find out more.
ArtboxArt Classes for Children
I teach art classes at the Artbox with my daughter Julia Sawicki, encouraging young children to paint after school and during the school holiday. Click photo to find out more.
Community Events and Workshops
I teach art workshops as part of the North Sydney Council initiative, Creative Wellbeing Programmes. Click photo to find out more.