Paint Your Heart And Soul 2017

I’m very excited to be a part of this year-long online course because the course’s theme represents my art. The course is a collaboration of 18 amazing artists, sharing their unique process of creating beautiful art coming from the heart and soul. Each teacher, including myself, offers a different art style and technique, anything from portraiture though to figurative story telling art.

I will be teaching two styles of art. The first will be my contemporary style of painting, using painterly narrative in response to my local environment, sharing my multiple layered technique that gives my paintings their depth. The second, I’ll be using my foundation in decorative art to teach a method of painting flowers, particularly roses. This technique will enable you to paint any type of flower well.

Contemporary Landscape Painting

I look forward to sharing my unique approach to responding to the natural environment and recording my responses, a multi layered, meditative process, creating soft translucent layers of color, adding and detracting emerging shapes and colors to create a painting.

Painting on either a canvas or thick watercolor paper, we will use acrylic paints, hands and fingers, twigs, brushes and a spray bottle whilst strongly connecting to images stored in our memories, of our local natural environment.

I will be sharing my technique, and I am super confident that you will quickly find your own painting narrative with what I teach you. Each painting is unique and it will be exciting to see your works, your unique styles emerging.

Basia’s Flowers

If you love flowers, I hope you will join me on a skill based journey of painting flowers. We will focus on gorgeous roses with some foliage and filler flowers.

You will learn how to double load a brush, so that with one brush stroke you will paint from dark to light. You will be encourage to choose your own colors, though I will clearly name every color I use.

Covering composition, background possibilities, using full bodied paints, or watered down acrylic paints which have a ‘water-color’ effect. I will create ‘slowed down’ close ups of my techniques so that you can refer to them as you practice this method.


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