The Red Project 2018 – March 3 – March 18

I am inviting you to come to the ‘The Red Project 2018’ exhibition.
The opening celebration will be on Saturday 3rd March 2018

I am absolutely thrilled to be one of 23 artists invited to participate in The Red Project – Celebrating Creative Women in North Sydney.

About the project

‘Shades of Red’ is part of THE RED PROJECT, a North Sydney Council Arts & Cultural event exhibiting artworks by 74 artists at 6 venues throughout the month of March, in celebration of creative women in North Sydney and International Women’s Day.

There is a rich creative diversity amongst the artists and we have either participated in Council Artist Studio programs, have had an affiliation with Council’ creative projects or have contributed to cultural life of the area.

The site is a recently opened tunnel with 22 adjacent chambers and the brief was to “respond to the unique site in a transformative series of installations using the color “red.” We were to consider the complex word “women”, whilst considering associations to the color, reflecting on descriptive words as we contemplated our projects.

About me

I chose to work on quite a large un-stretched, un-sealed canvas, 4.5 meters wide and 2.2 meters high, by far my largest project to date. I have been longing to work large scale for quite a while.

My imagination went into overdrive as I dove into my project intuitively, without a specific plan for the outcome, choosing an un-stretched, unsealed canvas, my colours and mark making tools.

I also tapped into my personal stories, changes which I have observed happening over the past decades. I contemplated universal stories focusing on women’s issues and into my own very personal experiences as a woman.

My project took over 120 amazing hours of very intense, intuitive work, often surprising me with what would ‘appear’ on my canvas, sometimes panicking during a particularly ‘ugly’ stage and then simply stopping when my story came to an end.

As one of 23 artists invited to participate, I am inviting you to

The Red Project 2018 opening celebration
Saturday 3rd March
The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability
2 Balls Head Drive, Waverton, NSW 2060

I hope to see you there!